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The marked backwardness of the Sundarban regions, being separated islands, could be attributed to the lack of road connectivity and transportation among other infrastructure shortcomings and thus one of the prime reasons of creation of Sundarban Development Board was to increase road and bridge connectivity and other infrastructure of civil nature. Engineering wings were created with the introduction of IFAD Project in 1981-82 and since then civil work programmes have been executed as one of the major programme elements.
Agriculture & allied programmes being prime activity in the region, support in the agriculture Sector has also been emphasized. Other major wings are Fishery, Forestry etc.

Major Programmes at a glance:

Development of Transport and Communication Infrastructure with special emphasis on construction of high quality roads and bridges & jetties etc. including rural roads in island areas Creation of irrigation facilities through rain water harvesting for increasing cropping intensity Improvement of livelihoods and social wellbeing of the inhabitants through increasing productivity in agriculture and allied sectors.

2012-2013 | 2013-2014



B. P. Roads ( Mathurapur II, Patharpratima, Mathurapur – II, Canning – I, Canning – II, Haroa, Namkhana, Sagar, Kakdwip ); Concrete Roads ( Joynagar – I, Canning – I, Kakdwip, Patharpratima, Sagar, Mathurapur – I & II) Bituminous Road ( Kakdwip, Namkhana, Haroa, Hasnabad, Sandeshkhali – I, Minakhan);
R C C Culvert (Mathurapur – I);
Maintenance of illumination system over Matla river;
RCC Jetty at Gosaba, Basanti, Sandeshkhali – II, Hingalganj, Patharpratima; Jetty at Lot No. 8( Kakdwip);

Installation of 505 Tubewells;

Sluice gate ( Namkhana);
Construction of Sports Complex at Canning through PWD;
Construction of drainage( Sagar); Improvement of Moni River drainage system;
Construction of pedestal around Coconut tree in Sagar;
Preparation of digital map for drainage system of Canning town;
Soil testing, designing etc. for a bridge at Chemagury ferry ghat, Sagar;
Additional mangrove plantation in 1000 acres in Canning, Namkhana, Hasnabad;
Jhow plantation Creation & maintenance;
Distribution of small implements ,Distribution of oil seeds, pulse, lime & fish feed, inorganic fertilizer,  AroidCrops (elephant foot Yam ), Vegetable seeds to small & marginal farmers;
Brakish water poly culture, Fresh water Fish culture;
Bicycle distribution to girl students(class IX);
Construction of RCC bridge over a]Mridangabhanga (Mathurapur – II); b] Santichati Khal (Joynagar – II), Piyali river (Joynagar – I, Canning – I);
Excavation of ponds & land shaping;
Strip plantation by the sides of approach road to Matla river.
Construction of R.C. C. Jetties at lot no 8
Electrification in Gosaba, Patharpratima through WBSEDCL;
171 Tubewells(under ACA);
Participation in Fairs;
Assistance to different school for Hostel, Laboratory etc.;

Workshop on ‘Moya’ preparation;


1. Construction of Sports Complex at Canning through PWD;
2. Various continuing Civil Works;
3. D P R preparation;
4. Continuation work for permanent Jetty at Lot No. 8;
5. B P Road ( Kakdwip, Gosaba, Basanti, Canning – I, Haroa, Hingalganj, Hasnabad,SamdeshkhaliII, Sandeshkhali – I, Minakhan, Canning – II, Sagar, Patharpratima, Kultali, Mathurapur – I & II, Namkhana);
6. Installation of 500 Tubewells;
7. R. C. C. Bridge over Mridangabhanga & Sonatikhari khal;
8. R. C. C. Jetties
9. Distribution of inorganic fertilizers;
10. Distribution of Vegetable Seed Oil, Elephant foot Yam ;
11. Pulses & Oil seed demonstration programme ;
12. Fresh water fish farming; Distribution of Lime, fish feed ,Brackish Water wild poly culture;
13. Distribution of Pedal driven paddy thrusher. Implements;
14. Bicycle distribution to girl students(class IX);
15. Electrification in Gosaba, Patharpratima through WBSEDCL
16. Assistance for repair of School building, room at Akshaynagar, Toilet system at Kakdwip, Namkhana;
17. Financial Assistance for 1st floor, S D Marine Bio Research Centre, Sagar
18. Training/ awareness programme

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